Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The weekend is near,

at least my weekend.  It's great to be semi-retired.  Right now I'm just working Monday and Tuesday day shift with basically no supervision.  That is until I get home.  Then I have too many supervisors; a wife, three horses, two donkeys, two dogs, three rabbits, a cat, and 11 chickens.  And they all have chores for me.  I love it though and wouldn't change it for anything.  Monday was a rough day.  I left for work at 0530 and didn't get home until 1900.  I had two search warrants to write and a victim that wanted them done two weeks ago.  Plus I had three supplemental reports to write for the Chief, so I was busy.  When I got to court in the late afternoon, the district attorney wanted me to add some additional information on one of the warrants.  He asked if I had a thumb drive.  I did, but was afraid to use it in front of him.  After all, I just found out what a thumb drive was 2 weeks ago, let alone trying to use it properly.  Remember, I'm old school and don't learn too fast.  Where was my wife when I needed her?  Probably washing Jackson's tail.  Well, at this point I was so nervous that my tail needed washing too.

Anyway, I fumbled my way through it, got the judge to sign it, filed it with the court, went back to the station, and faxed it to Yahoo.  I left for home, but the traffic was terrible.  When I got to the ranch it was dark.  As I drove up to the gate, I could hear the donkeys braying.  I parked the car and ran into the house to change into my barn clothes.  Just as I was starting to walk down to the barn Annette drove in.  As she got out of the car she asked, "do you want any help?"  I said "ok", and she said "sure?".  Now, I know what that "sure?" means, so I said it was alright, I'll take care of the feeding.  Besides, I felt guilty because she had to do everything this morning, and now that is was dark I wouldn't be able to muck so she would have double duty the next morning.

When I got to the barn I could hear the horses running in the pasture.  They were ticked.  Especially Jackson who feels he needs his blanket on when it gets below 50 degrees.  Flash could care less.  I guess grays have more sensitive skin.  He's like his mom, (Annette), who has a temperature variance of 10 degrees, (68 to 78 degrees).  I love them both though.  Since it was so dark in the pasture, I brought them both into their stalls to put the blankets on in the light.  Flash was a pill, he kept trying to turn away so I couldn't get it over his head.  I solved the problem by throwing it on top of his head and over his face so he couldn't see.  Then he thought it was a sensory game and stood still until I got it all hooked up.

At this point Annette made a cameo appearance to put on Jackson's blanket.  I don't do well with Jackson's blanket, too many straps that have to go a certain way.  For me, putting on his blanket is like trying to use the thumb drive, I get nervous it will be wrong and I always screw it up.  And when I do it wrong, Jackson tells Annette and I feel so stupid when she tells me it's not difficult at all.  Annette did his blanket in 30 seconds and headed back to the house.  I put the hay out in the pasture, let the horses out and re-stocked the hay cart for tomorrow morning for Annette. 

Evening chores being done, I went back to the house.  When I walked in, Annette had cut fresh bread from the bakery, seasoned it with olive oil, salt and pepper, and toasted it in the oven.  Next to the warm bread was a glass of pinot noir.  I really love that woman.

Today was much easier.  Hardly any paperwork, so I had time to blog.  No need to go to court.  I should be home by 1630, way before it gets dark.  All the supervisors should be happy except for the one here at work who hopefully doesn't read my blogs.  It's MY Friday!  I don't have to be back to work until Monday.  That means I can move compost over the next 5 days, or do more blogs.  One and the same.


  1. Nice to "meet" you. Annette and I have been reading each other's blogs for a while... looking forward to checking out your blog. That's a great header picture of you and Flash - he's lovely!

    I've got compost to move this weekend too :)

  2. You're doing better than me, I don't even know what a thumb drive is!

    I'm continually impressed with Flash's tolerance. What a smart, steady boy! You and he have a great relationship. I had to laugh at your comment on my blog about pushing Flash with the tractor. I actually stopped taking the tractor into the pasture with the horses, because they chased me one day! They were already bad about not getting out of the way, but actually chasing me was the last straw! Funny creatures, horses.

    Enjoy your "weekend" and your good weather!

  3. Just caught up. You have been doing a great job with your blog. Riding with over 100 horses must have been quite and experience and a very beautiful sight. It sounds to me like you and Annette really appreciate each other...nice.

  4. Busy day. But so nice to end it in the barn. I don't care what anyone may think, but sometimes moving compost is the perfect job.

    Have to laugh about the blankets. My Boys all seem to have different opinions about whether or not to "help" me when I need to slip them over their heads. And, of course, the biggest boy--at nearly 17h can be the least cooperative.